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Land Prices
are rising
Now's the time to sign up

Tell your friends!

So how does this work.....
We are asking everyone with interest to sign up under their county (Local Are of Interest). There's absolutely no obligation to purchase by signing up. When enough people have expressed their interest in their "County-of-Choice" we will announce what area has reached the predetermined level for us to open the facility up for final approval. All who are willing to become owners of that facility make this approval. Only you can determine if the area ready to be opened is close enough for you to travel to. If your current "Local Area of Interest" is too far away from one that has reached this predetermined level of interest, you can wait for your area to develop. One idea that has been suggested is to purchase and then sell your share when a facility is opening in or closer to your County-of Choice.

When you purchase you will be assigned a permanent campsite at that facility as your home base, pit stop, or Home-away-from-home. This is yours as it is permanently assigned to you*. There will also be reserve campsites for visiting owners from other facilities provided on a first come first serve basis (graduating to an on-line reservation system). You can purchase in as many facilities as you desire to have a permanently assigned campsite.

Are there any fees for this....
There is a one-time purchase fee to become an owner. Based on current land values (which are rising) and maximum density of riders for busy days, ownership should remain in the $3,000-$5,000 area. $3,000 or less is our goal, $5,000 would be in areas where land is scarce and at an extreme premium. Not all counties have available land for this like Monroe County, Pinellas County just to name a few.

We will provide financing and other incentives. Incentives considered and being negotiated include discounts from local dealers who sell ATV's, Trailers, Campers, Camper/Toy-Haulers which can easily reduce the cost of ownership to almost nothing.

There are some other costs of property ownership just like your own i.e. property taxes, garbage, water, electricity (when avalable), etc. The annual fees for these costs are estimated at under $100 per year per owner or a tiny .27 cents per day for your non-stop annual daily use. Compare this to places charging $20-$35 per day! There is absolutely no intent on profiting from the annual fees. Should the owners decide (laws permitting) to charge outsiders for use of the facilities, those fees will obviously offset the annual fees. This must be agreed to by you - the owners.

If I'm an owner can I sell my share..... Yes, you can. Since there are a set number of fractional owners per facility (I must word this carefully as we're not selling real estate as an investment) you may be able to sell your fractional ownership for more than you purchased it. However, we'd rather you keep your share and enjoy the activities and facilities for a very long time. This investment is for you, your immediate family and occasional guest.

What if we need more room.....
We have options here. As we see the need to expand a facility we will make every effort to expand that facility, open an adjunct facility nearby, or secure a new facility that can handle the expansion demands. The old facility can be sold to land developers (or whoever) at a profit, which is used towards the purchase of the new facility. The options available to us are only limited to the imagination of the owners. As an owner, you will have everything to say about this should it ever occur and how it will occur.

If I sign up in one county can I purchase in another?.....
Of course. Once we're ready to open a facility or purchase land for a facility, all members who've signed up will be notified via email of the good news and given an opportunity to purchase.

All members will be notified of all facility openings regardless of location. Everyone can purchase in as many facilities as they choose. After time maybe a facility will be scheduled for opening closer to your preferred location so you may choose to sell another or add to your ownership. As currently designed, the primary benefit to ownership is that you'll be assigned a campsite (or home base location) as compared to being a visiting owner.

COME JOIN US because ............

"We're making off-road an awsome reality."

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*...some counties have special zoning or zoning variances that must be met or applied for to allow camping. We'll use every reasonable means available to comply with county regulations to accomplish this.
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