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As previously mentioned on our Home Page - Riding is for everyone. Not just the wealthy land owners but for all. Riding is a wonderful family activity. The major issue that plagues most of us is 'where to ride'. Wouldn't you love a place where you can relax, ride free, picnic with the family, camp, a place you can call your own. Let me introduce you to FL-ATV.COM because that's what we're all about......

We are not a club. Instead, this is about ownership. This is fractional ownership whereby everyone is an equal owner of land designed for the common enjoyment of all owners, families and guests. This is YOUR LAND. You are using and riding on YOUR LAND. Every facility we open is YOUR LAND. You own it and you can use it (period). No more being chased off. No more wondering where to go. No more trespassing.

Current Activity - We are actively in the process of securing several multi-hundred acre facilities around our great state of Florida for all outdoor loving off road enthusiasts. Our goal is for each facility to consist of a minimum of 400 acres. We believe ultimately that this will be an investment in excess of $24 million dollars throughout Florida. Ownership in one is ownership in all. This means you can visit the other facilities as an owner and not a guest.

Weekend adventures are here to stay. These facilities will be left as raw land except for a few features.....

CAMPING - An area will be groomed for rough camping and every owner will have an assigned campsite. As the county permits we'll include playgrounds, electricity, running water, bathrooms, showers, etc. At first it will be a "take it in, take it out" facility. Our intention is to open each facility for use before ultimate completion. We are off-road folks so I'm sure you won't mind riding around progress.

RIDING AREAS - We're going to start with 3 types of riding areas (subject to modification based on your input).

1 - Dirt track made for the faster ATV's, dirt bikes, and BMX. These tracks will be modified according to your input. This is not one shared track but a track for each category.

2 - Man-made Mud bog. Yes it needs to be man-made because any natural mud bog will be a protected area. As responsible off road enthusiasts we want the DEP and other Environmentalists to recognize what a wonderful responsible group we off-road enthusiasts really are.

These mud bogs will have all the nasty fun features you'd expect (or don't expect). YOU WILL GET STUCK!!!! Or at least deep-muck-chowder challenged!

3 - Riding trails that meander throughout the property. Under beautiful natural canopies, flat savannah areas, over hills complete with resting stops with picnic structures. This is not one trail. This is a multitude of trails that overlay each other to keep our trail riding as interesting and dynamic as possible.

Originally the exact features will depend largely on the natural lay of the land (remember I'm speaking statewide here). Some facilities may start with plenty of large oaks or other natural canopies, and others maybe savannahs or flat lands. Throughout most of our facilities we'll be planting lots of trees, making hills and digging ponds. COME JOIN US because ............

"We're making off-road an awsome reality."    

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